Twitter Chat

I did not like the Twitter Chat.  I don’t like it because the information is always out on the internet.  On a positive side, it allows you to reach out to celebrities and people who are famous.

I had a Twitter Chat with Snoop Dogg about him attending a concert.  I thought that was really neat, or Mondo Cool!

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is having a blog or twiter useful?

I think it really depend on how you look at it . but it is a really good way to get your self expose to what ever you want to do like getting a job or thing of that nature. so over all I just think it is just how you use your blog . if you are use your blog for the right reasons then you will not have any reason to fret . also staying true to your first real motives for your twitter or blog .

personally I like blogs because the fact it really gives me a chance to express my self in a positive light . and let people see how wonderful of a person I am . and it is a broader band then twitter so it really just let me go  further in-depth with all of my chat and is very easer to under stand. but at the same time it is easer to get in contact with all of the celebrities in the world. and over all just both gives you a great way to promote you self to give you a great chance at marketing your self .

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I really like music because it helps effect my mood.  If I’m feeling down, it can help give me a joyful feeling.  I really like classical music.

My favorite singers are Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Pherrel and Usher.  I believe that they are the greatest musicians of their time. I really like to sing.

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what is the purpose of life?

the reason I pick this one is that a lot of times I find my self pondering this. just wonder why did god or who or even what ever put us on earth and not another place . really have time to ponder this in-depth . i think the purpose of life is to do much good as possible . also to remind people who have lost their way what the purpose. then all way striving for protection and to never give up on you dreams .

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all about me and my life

I think I am a very luck person because god blessed me with a very healthy family. That is very loving and adoring family that will help me out with . The kind of family that will teach the thing it take me to reach my goals. my family teaches me to strive for prefection and to never to give up on my dreams .

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future plan in the life and time of Eric Molina

                      My future plan is that I want to own a very lucretive automotive repair business.   I plan to go to college and pay my way through after completing high school and an apprenticeship .  I plan to  have my auto repair business to be able to help give me the resource to start my other plans for my future .  I would reallly like to travel more in the future and see the world.

 I really enjoy learning and would be interested in reinventing my self into what is needed for our economy.   I would also be able to fall back on my business degree if necessary.  I feel anxious about my future because there are a lot of unknowns including, where I am going to live, how I am going to make money and where I will go to school.  Right now, I am looking at attending CPCC and studying Business and Finance.

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